Cracquelure Cracked Finish Crack Varnish Crackle Glaze

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Cracquelure Cracked Finish Crack Varnish Crackle Glaze

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Product Information

Product Benefits:
Cracquelure re-creates the fine cracks that occur on Fine Porcelain or Old Oil Paintings.
Creates a stunning finely cracked finish on a wide range of surfaces.
Cracquelure makes any photograph, print or painting look like an, “Old master”
Cracquelure makes everyday household objects such as: Ornaments, tea tray, coasters, vase, bowls etc to look like, “Antiques”
Easy to use brush application.
FREE Step by step instruction leaflet included.

The photograph shown in this listing:
The photograph of the two girls in this listing is just a picture from a calendar.
The Left Hand side is un-treated whilst the Right Hand side has the Cracquelure Effect produced with this kit.
This picture is for illustration purposes only and is not part of the sale. However if need a couple of close up shots to see the effect better, let me have you email address and I will send them.

What you are buying:
Cracquelure is a 3 part system to produce the appearance of aged cracked effect seen on Old Oil Paintings or Old Porcelain.
With this product it is very easy to do and looks brilliant on items such as: Prints, paintings, photographs, bowls, tea trays, ornaments etc.

How to use:
Apply a coat of Step 1 and allow to dry, it goes clear when dry.
The contents of Step 2 are very thick therefore: (a) Lightly moisten your paint brush (b) Add 6 to 8 drops of clean water into the jar of Step 2 and mix it in with your paint brush.
Apply 1 coat of Step 2 to the whole surface of your piece and leave to dry overnight.
You will notice that Step 2 is a very thick liquid and leaves brush marks, do not worry it will dry to a flat even and cracked finish.
The cracks will develop VERY SLOWLY, it takes around 2 to 3 hours before they even start to appear and they will fully develop if you leave the piece to dry overnight.
With a clean cloth rub the Highlighting Cream onto the surface.
Remove the excess Highlighting Cream leaving just the cracks darkened.
If desired you can protect your finished project with a couple of coats of wax, please see our item   370042305788   or alternatively a good quality solvent based varnish.

Important Notes:
If you have not used this product before we strongly recommend that you practice on a piece of card or a magazine picture prior to starting your actual project, around 6 inches square is ample.
With this practice piece apply 1 coat of Step 1 to the whole of the magazine picture and leave to dry.
Apply a second coat of Step 1 to just one half of the previously caoted magazine picture and leave to dry.
Then apply 1 coat of Step 2 to the whole magazine picture, this will show you the difference that 1 or 2 coats of Step 1 will make to the size of the crack you achieve.
You will notice a more defined crack on the part that has had 2 coats of step 1 which is what we used on the picture of the dockside.
The contents of Step 2 are quite thick therefore do not worry if the brush marks look a bit thick on the surface, as it dries it will smooth out.
Kit Contents

1 x 125 mls Base Coat - Step 1.
1 x 125mls Top Coat - Step 2.
1 x 10mls Highlighting Cream – Step 3.

 Coverage:  The contents of this kit will cover around 10 to 15 square feet.


Product CodeCRAV15

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